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Support Agencies

Dental Clinic

There is not currently a dental nurse on site at Pomaria school, but we are lucky enough to have access to the permanent Dental Clinic at Henderson Intermediate School. 

You can contact the clinic 09 - 8389751

Please remember children under 18 can also receive free dental treatment from a number of community dental facilities too.



Public Health Nurse

Richelle Webster Styles

We are incredibly lucky  to have a dedicated and committed team of health professionals that we can call on when the health needs of our learners require more specialized support.  

Our Public Health Nurse is Richelle.  Richelle is available to support and offer advice to our school community, if required.  Richelle also has access to a wide variety of support services available within in the medical and wider community.  If you would like to contact Richelle you can do so via the school office.  

Pomaria is very pleased to be part of the three year Waitemata District Health Board throat swabbing programme. Richelle and her team are in school three days a week carrying out swabbing and will be contacting every family that returns a positive swab.  This programme is being carried out in the hope of eliminating the Strep A bug that can lead to Rheumatic Fever.  





Social Worker in School - SWiS

Rosanna Kanuta

At Pomaria we are fortunate enough to have the support of a government funded SWiS.  Rosanna Kanuta is our SWiS and is always available to support and work alongside families in the school community.  If you wish to meet with Rosanna feel free to come into the school office.




Lorena McCabe

Police Education Officer

Lorena works closely with the staff and Learners at Pomaria school, helping educate the importance of Keeping Ourselves Safe.

Road safety awareness are an important part of Lorena's programme


Hippy Programme