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Support Staff


Sue Gabriel

Schoolwide Literacy Support

My name is Sue Gabriel and I have been a part of the Pomaria Whanau since March 1990.  

This year, I am proud to belong to the Turangawaewae PLG providing extra support to both our Teachers and our Learners. I am also implementing one-to-one Literacy support with 5 Learners.  


Cilla McKean


Cilla is Pomaria's Resources Coordinator, her role is to ensure that the resources the teachers require for their class rooms are available, well maintained, and up to date.  Cilla also is also the team member that ensure all our children get their milk and fruit every day. 


Valuaki (Val) Taylor

Teacher Aide

Val Taylor is a highly talented teacher aide with a wealth of knowledge and skills, Val works alongside a number of Learners that need specialised teacher aide support.


Joanna England

Support Staff

Hi,my name is Joanna England.

I have a qualification in Occupational Therapy and worked in the field till 2013. I also gained a Tesol qualification in 2010.
Along with other support Staff I recently graduated in the Pasifika Teacher Aide project.
I am passionate about supporting our learners reaching their full potential. I provide in-class support to small groups of learners, helping them with their Maths, writing and reading comprehension.
I also run a language support programme with a small group of learners.

I am not sure whether you got the photo I sent you on Wednesday.
Let me know if you haven’t and I will resend it to you.




Nel Mau Asam

Support Staff

Nel Mau Asam is a valuable part of our team of Teacher Aides, Nel works in class supporting Teachers and helping Learners to reach their potential. 


Eric Golding and Aldora Itunu

KiwiCan Team

Aj and Mila are part of the KiwiCan team that run a sports based values programme 7 days a week at Pomaria. The KiwiCan programme is funded by the Dingle Foundation.