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Asia Awareness


Mandarin Language Program 

Here at Pomaria we are fortunate to be supported by the Confucius Institute NZ which allows our school the opportunity to have a Mandarin Language Assistant (MLA) who teaches the senior school the language of Mandarin as well as other aspects of the Chinese culture.


Visitors From China

This year we were extremely lucky to be visited by some performers who travelled all the way from China. Asia New Zealand played a role in bringing them out for the Lantern Festival here in Auckland, as well as performing in other parts of New Zealand.

As part of the Asia New Zealands Foundation Education program, Pomaria was selected to host the performers and were delighted to enjoy a range of Chinese cultural events and performances. 

Pomaria was one of only five schools selected from schools across the country and we were very happy to have received such a great opportunity to see aspects of the Chinese culture we had not seen before. 

Thank you Asia New Zealand Foundation, from all of us here at Pomaria School. 



Traditional Decorative Knots

Here is an example of a traditional decorative knot created by artist Zhou Lingling. 


Decorative Knot Artist

Pomaria learners look on as decorative knot artist Zhou Lingling weaves her magic. 


Toffee Artist

The Pomaria learners were wowed by toffee artist Huang Hongmei, who created delicate two-dimensional paintings from caramelised toffee. 


Shanghai Shangwu Group bubble magic

The bubbles float above the heads of our Pomaria learners, as we are treated to an amazing performance by the Shanghai Shangwu Group, as they create bubble magic. 


More bubble magic

Mrs T looks on as large bubbles float through the sky, such incredible sights and sounds, as large bubbles combine with the laughter of our Pomaria learners.


Dough Figurine Artist

Dough figurine artist Qiu Baoyou creates an array of figurines of legendary Chinese heroes. Pomaria learners look on and admire her artistry. 


Nair Ensemble

We were lucky to hear from the Nair Ensemble who performed traditional Mongolian folk music, including throat sining. On stage they also used traditional Mongolian instructments, including the morin khuur - a horse head fiddle that produces a sound like wild horses.


Dough figurine sculpting

Pomaria learners look on joyfully wishing their teachers would let them play with dough all day, and they are amazed by the concentration and detail Qiu Baoyou puts into her art. 


Shanghai Shangwu Giant Tube Act

The performers from Shanghai Shangwu entertained Pomaria with a giant tube act, which left many learners wondering how they could be so flexible, as they twisted and turned in their brightly coloured tubes.