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The ‘Get Firewise’ programme is being taught to the NE, Y1 and Y2 classrooms. The children are learning about Fire safety. They are learning about what fire is, safe and unsafe fire, that fire is danderous, to give matches and lighters to an adult if they find them, how to get out of the building FAST and meet at a safe meeting place.

The staff and the Learners would like to thank the Fire Risk Safety Unit for visiting Pomaria and doing the kitchen fire demonstrations. We all learned a lot about how to put out a kitchen fire safely. 

If there is a fire, you need to run outside FAST. It is important to get low and crawl on the ground away from the smoke.

Written by Alex Gage Room 7

Edited by Mrs Fergusson


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Barbara Kendall

Olympic Windsurfer at Pomaria School

Pomaria was privileged to have Olympic Windsurfer Barbara Kendall visit on Monday 16th September to speak to our senior school Learners. She shared her Olympic story and Windsurfing achievements. Barbara discussed the Olympic Values which link into our Pomaria Values. Some of the children were lucky enough to wear her Olympic medals, hold the Olympic torch and flag.


The teachers at Pomaria are looking for Learners who demonstrate the Pomaria Values over the next month in order to receive personal letters from Barbara Kendall.