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Room 8 - Mrs Vikki Rihari (PLG Leader)


Term 3 2012

Inquiring To Learn

This term Room 8 have been learning about our concept 'Inquiring to Learn'.  Our Powerful Learning Behaviours of Perseverance, Problem-Solving and Collaboration have been driving this concept.  At the beginning of the Term we had the opportunity to be involved in an exciting art project run by RestorArt - Motutapu Island.  First we had to complete a KWHL, to find out what we already knew about Motutapu Island, endangered species and native flora and fauna of Aotearoa.  Next, we had to ask questions for Inquiry and complete our research.  The end of the process was to create a masterpiece which was then exhibited in the hall as part of our Art Exhibition.  

Recently, we began our Culminating Task for Inquiring to Learn.  As a class we brainstormed all the Challenges that we have faced in our lives.  These ranged from moving house, starting at a new school, making new friends, loss of a loved one (including pets), and saying a speech in front of the class.  We chose one, and have been working on a plan of how we overcame these challenges.  Which Pomaria Powerful Learning Behaviours did we have to use?  How can this help us when we overcome our next Challenge?   







Value: Responsibility