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Mary made of Hail

Winter is usually pretty predictable. We can expect it to be cold, rainy and grey, nothing really exciting. School in Term 2 is all about testing, reading, writing and Maths. Again pretty predictable, right?

It was strange because it wasn’t even winter yet, it was still autumn. Leaves were all over the ground making a mess, so we used them to do some art.

Well the day started off like any other day at this time of the year, cold, wet and grey.  It didn’t seem any colder than the day before… but it must have been because we got a frozen surprise after morning tea.

We noticed the sky got a little darker.  Soon after we heard loud rumblings then a flash of light.  Our teacher told us that Thunder is what we hear and lightning was what we see.  Next minute the rain came. It bucketed down. It was unusually loud!

Our teacher told us to look out the window.

What was that?  White dots were jumping all over the ground!  Not just a little bit, the ground was completely covered in little white frozen ice called hail.

We were all excited and scrambled to the door. We were surprised because it was first time we had seen that much hail before.

Some creative learners came up with an idea to make a medium snowman.  We worked collaboratively to create our masterpiece.

Nakeeta Jade collected buckets and buckets of hail.

Cheyanne and Bernadette made some googgly eyes.  Junior and Serafina made a hat out of black paper and a plastic container, Graeme and Mataio found sticks for the arms.  Josette and Nikita made a scarf and Josette found counters for buttons.

We moulded the body and head shapes using a PaknSav plastic bags and finally we put it all together.  It was hard to shape it because it was soo cold it made our fingers numb.

But it was worth it.

We were impressed with our creation and proud of our Team work.  We have a different attitude towards learning and know that it can be fun.

A collaborate Recount by Room 5.