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Stepping Out

Constable Lorena took us through 2 sessions on the Stepping Out programme with the Learners at Pomaria School.


1. Safe Walking    

2. Car Safety


This is what the Learners learnt about Safe Walking and Car Safety.


1. Safe Walking

I cross the road when it is safe.

I stand still at the crossing.

I look for traffic on the road.

When the cars are gone it is safe to cross.

I wait.  I stop.  I look out when the cars are coming.

At the crossing when the car stops, it is safe to cross.

I listen for cars and look out for traffic.

I stop or the traffic will run me over.

I cross the road quickly and carefully.

I stop because the car will go past.

I look left and right when I cross.

I stop at the crossing or the footpath or at the lights.


2. Car Safety 

Be safe and keep your seat belt on.

Be safe when the car is going and don’t take your seat belt off.

Leave the seat belt on when the car is going.

Listen and be good.

Make the seat belt click.

Put the seat belt on.

Sit on the booster seat.

You use the booster seat until you are 7 years old.

The booster seat is going to be made law in November.

You can be fine $150 if you don’t have a booster seat.

Wait till you are older and you can do the seat belt yourself.

Sit on the seat.

Don’t distract the driver.