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Room 21 Investigators - Science Experiments

The Concept for Term 3 was ‘Investigators’.  Room 21 and Room 13 buddied up and shared their learning together.  They had lots of fun doing various experiments.  They became awesome investigators.


The Learners used the P.O.E. thinking tool to talk about their experiments.  They learnt to predict, observe and explain about their experiments.


Here are some of the experiments they did:


Colour Mixing 

Learning Intention: We are learning about mixing colours.


·      Name the 3 primary colours.

·      How do you make orange?

·      How do you make green?

·      How do you make purple?

·      What do you do to make new colours?


Observe and see what is happening



Floating egg – experiment

Learning Intention: We are learning about floating an egg.


There were 3 containers.  What would happen to the egg when they were put in each container?  Learners were encouraged to predict what would happen.

1.                 Describe what happened to the eggs.

2.                 What made the difference to the eggs?

3.                 Why did it make the difference to the eggs?

4.                 What is different about the water?

5.                 How can you make the egg float in the middle?


Balloon experiment

Learning Intention:  We are learning about blowing up the balloon.

P – Predict

(Learners made a guess about what is going to happen)

We have Vinegar, baking soda and balloons. 

What are we going to do next?

·      Stir it

·      Make an explosion

·      Put water in the bottle

·      Use the measuring cups


What will happen with the baking powder and vinegar?

·      It will explode

·      It can blow up

·      It can change colours

O – Observe

(Learners looked at what’s happening and questioned)

·      There’s different vinegar

·      Vinegar went into the balloon

·      Balloon went pop

·      Vinegar went up and balloon went up

·      Balloon went up when the bubbles went up

·      Put the vinegar in the bottle

·      Balloon went bigger

·      Balloon was growing


E – Explain

(Learners explained what happened)

·      The baking soda was in the balloon

·      The vinegar was in the bottle

·      Then the baking soda was tipped into the vinegar in the bottle

·      The balloon was filled up with bubbles from the baking soda.  It was gas. It blow up.  There’s air in the balloon.