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Drumming show

Johnny from 'Rhythm Interactive' came to Pomaria School with heaps of African drums.  Our Learners had lots of fun and enjoyed the experience of playing on these drums.

Here are some of their stories about this experience:

‘The drum is fast and I like the song.  ’Wendy Guan 

‘I like playing the drums.’ Kylah Presland-Rudolph

‘I like patting it and the songs.’ Elijah Chou-Lee

‘Johnny was drumming fast and I like that.’          Yadan Agelu Tautaiolevao

‘I like the drum because they have cool sounds.’ Aperahama Rogers-Nepia

‘I like the drum.  I like drumming and singing.’     Elijah Simi

‘The drumming show was fun.’  Rose Wilson

‘I like to tap the drums.’  Crystalina Leilua

‘We have to copy the drums.’  Kiri Togo

‘I like the drum and the noise.’  Phinnaeus Schmidt

‘I like patting the drums softly.’  Jackson Takie

‘I like the big drums and Johnny said the words and I like that so I copied him.’  Gabriel Karena Pellow

‘I like making the drums fast.’                             Wiremu Elliott-Wikaira

‘I like it when we have to beat the drums fast.’     George Matthews

‘I like patting the drums fast.’  Esther Mungure

‘I was going too fast and the drumming was great.’ Tyreece Henry

‘I like playing the drumming.’ Chelsea Setefano

‘The drum was great and it was nice and loud.’  Vanessa Jonathan

‘I like the drums because it was nice and clear.’  Karewa Forbes

‘I like Johnny’s voice and the drum.’  Lisa Thang

‘I like drumming and I like the singing.’                Justin Selesele

‘I like drumming and I like banging it loud.’           James-DeClive Ririnui