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Building Construction

The Learners at Pomaria School have had the experience of watching a building construction on site.  It has been interesting to see the developments of the building at different stages.  Here are some of the stories the R21 Learners wrote.


‘The men are fixing up the building. They are banging with a hammer.’  Phinnaeus Schmidt


‘They were banging the building and when they finish we can go inside.’  Vanessa Jonathan


‘The man was drilling and he was making the classroom quickly.’  Wairama Hampton-Snowden


‘They were taking off the wood to make the classroom. I heard a banging sound and it was noisy.’  George Matthews


‘I saw some building men and I saw the wood falling down and they were building together.’  Rose Wilson


‘I went to the building to have a look at the people building. The man was drilling in the screws.’  Jackson Takie


‘The builders can build the classroom. I heard some banging and drilling and the wood falling down.’  Aperahama Rogers-Nepia


‘The man was building the school and they are pushing all the things down to build another classroom.’  Gabriel Kerana Pellow


‘They were building and hammering the nail. They were watching and fixing the building.’  Kiri Togo


‘The builders were banging the nail with a hammer.’  James-DeClive Ririnui


‘We are going to change the classroom. The men are building a classroom for us to go inside.’  Sailusi Sauni


‘I saw a man building a class and he’s got a hammer to build and he’s going to build it.’  Crystalina Leilua


‘I was standing up and I look at the builders and I heard a noise and the noise was bang and it was noisy.’  Yadan Agelu Tautaiolevao


‘The hammer was making the banging noise and it was loud.’  Esther Mungure