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Brainy Brain Facts

Caution:do not get to interested because you might get brain-washed. 

*The skull acts like a helmet around your Brain so it doesn't get damaged

*Everybody thought the brain Is pink but the brain has different colors

* The brain stem controls automatic actions in your body

* The brain is like a computer that stores memory's,emotions and languages

* The brain weighs 1.3kgs

* The cerebellum is part of the brain that controls movement

* The more you use your brain the smarter you get

*To much sugar affects your concentration  and behavior

* The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body

* The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body

* The brain is the central processor that controls all the functions of the body

* Too hot,too cold,too hungry and too tired  loses your concentration

*Puzzles,drawing,music,reading and video games helps the brain

* The brain is divided into 2 parts called the hemispheres

* The brain is constantly changing

*The brain is very intelligent

*The brain thinks and feels

*We learn best when we're happy and relaxed

* The brain requires lots of water and lots of sleep

*  Cerebrum is the main part of the brain

*Regular exercise is good for the brain

*The brain is the center of the nervous system

*You can't think if you are stressed

*The brain stem controls the muscles

*There are more than 100,000 chemical reactions happening in the human brain every second!

*The brain is a mass of nerve cells called neurons

*The brain has three main parts

*A human brain is 75% water and has consistency of tofu or gelatin

*The human brain has a nervous system

*All the nerve signals from the eyes,ears and other senses organs travel to the brain to be sorted and analyzed

* When you do something to yourself your brain doesn't make a reaction ,when other people do something  to you your brain doesn't recognize and makes a reaction

*The brain is one-fiftieth of the whole body,but it consumes one-fifth of all energy used by the body

*The brain  looks like a mass of grey jelly and is very soft

*Each side of our brain is responsible for different skills

* The right side of the brain  holds artistic and imaginative talent

* The left side of your brain is more responsible practical abilities and logical thinking

* The human brain is quite large but is wrinkled,which makes it compact


By Abraar, Morgan and Vince