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Blowing Bubbles

Mrs Prasad in Room 2, invited Room 13 to join them to blow bubbles up to the sky.  Room 13 BLEW and BLEW and BLEW until their bubble mixture was all gone.

Together with their teacher Room 13 wrote a poem about bubbles.


                        Bubbles fly high,

                 High up to the sky.

           Bubbles to the sun.

                Bubbles are fun.

When we went back to Room 13 we wrote about our experience.   Here is what we had to say.

          David – I am blowing bubbles.


               James – The wind blew the bubbles away.


          Jeremiah – I blew my bubble to the sun.


               Tyrese – I blew a massive bubble.


          Sahil – I had fun blowing bubbles.


               Elijah – I held my bubble on the stick.


          MJ – I am blowing the biggest bubbles.


               Ahmad – I did a colourful bubble.


          Yohana – I was blowing the bubbles up in the sky.


               Pafini – My bubble go on the ground.


 Blowing bubbles is so much fun.