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Manaakitanga Newsetter Term 3

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Term 3 2013

Manaakitanga (Red House):  ‘Caring and Sharing’  
Warmest greetings to our families and friends of the Manaakitanga Learners.

Integrated Inquiry Learning:  This term, the learning focus for the Inquiry Concept was the ‘Learner as the Investigator’.  The Learners learnt that curious investigative inquirers are on a quest of discovery.  That is exactly what the Manaakitanga Learners became this term as they continued on their Learning Journey.

Here are some of the highlights for Term 3 from our Manaakitanga PLG:
Room 4 has had a very productive Term of learning, sharing, investigating and discovery.  Their journey of narrative writing has been filled with creativity, problem solving, persevering and continues to get better and better.  As investigators, they looked at classifying animals as vertebrates and invertebrates.  Learners carried out exciting experiments e.g. “How to make a rainbow, without rain”, “How to make a rocket fly”, “How to paint an invisible picture”.  Room 4 used tools like a P. O. E. (Predict, Observe, Explain) and also made a volcano. Everyone worked together asking lots of questions and did researching to find the answers.

Tena Koutou me nga hau I wha.  Room 10 had an exciting term this term, full of amazing opportunities for the tamariki and learning about Putaiao. They learnt about Maori Kawakawa medicine and how their Tupuna used it to heal infections. Learner Led Conferences were very exciting.  The tamariki showed a lot of Mana when sharing their learning with their whanau.  Learners from the Kapa Haka group will have two performances in Term 4 - one at Massey College and the other at the Corbans Estate Multicultural Festival. 

Room 14 has been learning how to ask questions about our world like a curious investigator!  They have been learning about how heat can make things change their state and looked at the best conditions for growing mould.  They watched mould grow over 2 weeks and really enjoyed sharing this at the Science Fair!  Room14 have some budding authors and they have been focusing on writing narratives.  In maths, they have been focusing on sharing equal parts and how to tell the time.

Room 20:  Through Science Immersion Activities, Room 20 did lots of interesting science experiments to help their curiosity grow.  Whaea Scarlett organised some experiments, but all the Learners showed their own experiments as well.

Sports Exchanges: As Senior School Learners, they participated in Winter Sports exchanges. At the start of the season they selected a sport to participate in (soccer, rugby, hockey, netball, and kiwi sports). They trained hard and then competed with other schools.  Pomaria did very well in all sports and Learners showed their Values.

Conservation Week: Learners built birdhouses, designed conservation week posters, created songs, raps and plays all to support Conservation Week 2013.

Science Fair: Learners completed individual inquiries on a variety of scientific topics. They followed the scientific method and reflected about the process.

Pizza Party: Room 20 have been learning about fractions, so they decided to have a Pizza Party to celebrate, but also to use their new acquired skills.

Peter Pan:  Room 20 visited Henderson Intermediate and watched them perform an amazing production - Peter Pan.  All learners were impressed.

Room 21 buddied up with Room 13 to share their learning and do various experiments with each other.  They had lots of fun making predictions, observations and they learnt to explain the outcome of their experiments and investigation.  These were some of the experiments they did:  Mixing colours, balloon experiment, Ooblek, making PH indicators with cabbage water, floating egg . . . 

As a PLG, we did an investigation on Breakfast to see how that impacts on the Learners and their learning.  They learnt a few facts on why breakfast is important.  We started by having breakfast in our own classes and finished the investigation with a Whanau Breakfast.  It was great to have some of our Whanau come and join us in this event.

  • School Assemblies     
  • APPA Choir Festival     
  • School Athletics      
  • Swimming
  • Cluster Sports               
  • School Reports                
  • End of Year School Celebration 
  • Year 6 Graduation Assembly and Dance               
  • Kapa Haka performances
If you need to take your child out of school for any reason during school time please SIGN THEM OUT at the office.  If your child is absent from school please ring the school office on 8364919 or Text on 021-952154. 

Last day of Term 3 - Friday 27 September 2013 at 2:45pm.

Do have a safe and happy holiday.  See you back in Term 4 on Monday 14 October 2013 at 8:55am when school starts again.

Kind regards, from your Manaakitanga Teachers: Miss Mobsby, Mrs Stockenstroom, Matua Heke, Mrs Newman and Whaea Scarlett