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Manaakitanga Newsetter Term 1 number 2


TEAM’ - together everyone achieves more.

Term 1 Number 2 2013    

Manaakitanga (Red House):  ‘Caring and Sharing’

Warmest greetings to our families and friends of the Manaakitanga Learners.


Integrated Inquiry and Values: This term, the Learning Focus for the Inquiry Concept was on 'Life Long Learner' - 'Hauora'.  The Values, the Manaakitanga PLG focused on were 'Respect and Responsibility'.  The children have been learning about how to show respect and responsibility to others.  For the Integrated Inquiry Concept they have been discovering that Life is about learning.  The way you equip yourself will determine how you face new situations in our world.

Here are some of the Highlights for Term 1:

The Life Education Caravan came to Pomaria School at the beginning of this term.  Whaea Murielle, with Harold the giraffe talked to the Learners about their health and well-being.  They learnt about how to keep healthy and happy and what it is they need to help them learn and grow.

House Leaders: The commissioning of our House Leaders was a special occasion.  The House Captains for Manaakitanga are Sharyn Toailoa and Summer Duncan.  The Deputy House Captains are Abraar Ali and Morgan Eynon.  Congratulations to our House Leaders.  They have been doing an awesome job taking part at our Manaakitanga meetings on Mondays at 10am in the hall.  If you are able to attend our meetings, please feel free to join us.

Room 20 Learners had fun creating amazing, colourful self-portraits using pastels, dye and material.  They have been enjoying reading and having regular Book Clubs.  At Book Club, they share what they have read with others, while having something to drink and eating yummy biscuits.  Room 20 also made Nachos.  They were delicious.

Room 14 have been finding out what a Life-Long Learners looks like with some interesting drawings!  They have been learning from Harold the Giraffe about what they need to have healthy bodies and comparing Needs and Wants.  They really enjoyed making their 'Needs' and 'Wants' body collages and sharing them in the Assembly.  They have begun their Learning Journals and published their learning goals hanging up in the trees at the Cornerstone Garden!  

Room 10 have been practising their Kapa Haka bracket for their performance at Corbans on the 18th of May.  They have also been learning about the importance of their Maori Culture.

Jason Alama and Morgan Eynon represented Pomaria at the Western Zone Rippa rugby tournament which they won.  They played with 'HEART' and showed all the values.  They will now be playing for the Auckland Regional at Eden Park.

Room 21 have been working on their Learning Journey.  One of the learning experiences they have worked on was to produce their 'self portrait'.  It was a long process to complete their painting but the end result was very pleasing.  The Learners have also been working on their goals and they can now track their progress in their Learning Journey.

Room 4 had the pleasure of having Miss Loosle from Brigham Young University working in their class.  They looked at Healthy Food and eating healthy lunches.

Term 2 Learning Focus will be on the 'Self Directed Learner'.  The children will discover an empowered learner is a self-directed learner.

Pomaria School Values & PPLB - There are 8 Pomaria School Values: Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, Compassion, Honesty & Truthfulness, Duty, Obedience and Consideration.  The Pomaria Powerful Learning Behaviours are Co-operation, Reciprocity, Resilience, Curiosity, Problem solving, Reflectiveness, Perseverance and Creativity.  At Pomaria School, we will be covering these Values and Pomaria Powerful Learning Behaviours at different times and we encourage the Learners to show these at school and home.  This is one way you can praise your children at home by using the Pomaria's School Values and PPLB.   


  • School assemblies
  • School Trustee Elections
  • Corban Estate
  • Matariki
  • Mid Term Reports
  • Community Consultation
  • Parent/Teacher Interviews
  • Evergreen Concert
  • National Young Leaders - House Captains/Deputy House Captain


If you need to take your child out of school for any reason during school time please SIGN THEM OUT at the office.  If your child is absent from school please ring the school office on (09) 8364919 or Text on 021-952154.  Last day of Term 1 - Friday 19 April at 2:45pm.

Do have a safe and happy holiday.  See you back in Term 2 on Monday 6 May at 8:55am when school starts again.


Kind regards, from your Manaakitanga Team: Miss Mobsby, Whaea Scarlett, Mrs Stockenstroom, Mrs Newman and Matua Heke.