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Trash to Fashion

TERM 1: Learning to Learn

As Curious Adventurers, We wanted to embark on our learning Journey with a new and exciting challenge. Together we decided that Trash to fashion would be a great way to learn new concepts and skills. We studied other artists and Trash to fashion designs, paying special attention to the different materials that were being used. Collaboratively we communicated and discussed the ways we thought they were joined together. As a class we collected bottle tops, plastic bags, toothpaste cartons, wool and other useful bits of junk. 

TERM 2: Learning to Empower

As Resourceful Problem Solvers we decided that the most useful skills to have for this project was weaving, plaiting and sewing. Our challenge was to teach ourselves how to do these things. We set out to empower ourselves. We looked in books and on the computer to learn how to sew, plait and weave. At this stage we did not ask our friends and parents to help us. We all brought in our handiwork, they were awesome because we had put in so much effort. Some learners offered to teach and refine these skills and in this way were able to empower others.

TERM 3: Inquiring to Learn

The next step was to design our 3 piece outfits. It was so exciting! We drew and sketched and created some amazing designs...however we forgot about the different materials we were working with. How were we going to make plastic into a jacket? How do you make strips of cardboard into a dress? How do plastic lids become a top? This was when we really became Active Discovers. We had to go back and think about our designs and our materials together. Sometimes we changed our designed as we worked. Sometimes we had to go back and research ways of using the different material in crafts books. Some days were lots of fun because we knew exactly what to do and we had lots of material to work with. Some days were really difficult because we got stuck and did not know how to move on. Together we persevered and our designs were slowly taking shape.


TERM 4: Celebrating our Learning

Being Reflective Thinkers we looked back over what we had done and marveled at our handiwork. We were impressed by our efforts and we amazed at the results. After persevering and problem solving when things did not go to plan we could all sit back and enjoy what we created.

We shared our Trash to Fashion outfits at the Pomaria Open Day for Manaakitanga PLG and our whanau.

These are some of the photos from that day.