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Healthy Shared Kai

Turangawaewae Healthy Shared Kai

Our whole school has been looking at how we can look after ourselves and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

On Wednesday 25th March 2009 we decided to have a 'Shared Healthy Kai'.  Each class had to prepare a dish to feed 120 people.  Room 1 made healthy pizzas using pita pockets.  They put on spaghetti, mushrooms, ham, tomato and cheese.  Room 2 made two huge pots of chop suey.  It had lots of lovely vegetables and meat in it.  Room 3 sliced up some juicy watermelons.  They were just what we needed after our kai - it was like having a drink.  Room 4 made healthy club sandwiches with all sorts of ingredients.  Room 5 made wraps with ham. cheese, tomato, lettuce, carrot and a little bit of lite mayonnaise.  The Room 5 learners had to learn how to roll it up properly so the ingredients didn't fall out the side!  We all had delicious, nutritious lunch.  We love healthy food!  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the helpers who came along to support us ... THANK YOU