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Room 6 learners have been learning about communication and they have been finding out which ways have been effective. As part of the learning experience they made telephones out of tin cans and string.

 What We Need To Make A Telephone
Cans/Tins = 2
1.    Make a hole in the can/tin with a nail and hammer.
2.    Take a string and tie it to the cans/tins.
3.    Make the string straight.
4.    One person talks and the other one listens.

➢    We can talk on the telephone.
➢    Adults and children talk on the phone.
➢    We ring the people up on the phone.
➢    We answer the phone when it rings.
➢    A phone needs a cable and it is connected to the phone and the switch.
➢    One person talks and one person listens so they know what the other            person is saying.
➢    It’s about communication.
➢    Giving a message
➢    Receiving (getting) the message.
➢    Talking on the telephones let you talk to someone far away.