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Autumn leaves

 Here are some stories the children have written.

"There’s some leaves on it and some crayons and grass."  Shawn Temu

"My leaves are falling off the trees."  Tewiki Marshall

"The tree has leaves – green, brown, red."   Paige Lee-Baker

"I got some leaves to put in my tree to decorate my tree. I put some poles in there."   Skye-Loren Abraham

"I draw the trunk of my tree and leaves and I put the leaves on the tree. I put some flowers." Jazelle Duportail

"I see leaves on the floor."   Kredence Hetakara

"I make a blue, green tree. I put leaves on it."  Caylass Masiutama

"Some leaves were falling on my hands."  Wyatt Chang

"I made leaves with glue on them and I put them on paper."   Haydn Baldick.

"Some of the leaves are falling down and some are on the tree and some are on the ground." Sebastian Hill

"The leaves are on the tree and the branch. I got a crayon orange, gold, silver, blue, pink aqua and coloured the tree and the trunk." Mikayla Joseph