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Art Exhibition

In Room 6 we followed a process to complete our wonderful art for the Pomaria Art Exhibition.  The first thing we did was practice tracing 5 shapes onto newsprint.  We then traced our 5 shapes onto nice A4 paper.  We coloured our shapes using pastels which were really messy.  After that we dyed the whole paper using lots of rainbow dyes.  We painted a straw green which was our stem.  The most challenging part of the whole process was threading some string through our stem to become our roots.  Miss Rudolph told us we had to persevere and keep trying until we finally threaded it through!  After that part was over we were finally allowed to add our petals which was scrunched up crepe paper.  Miss Rudolph helped us to cut out 2 green leaves and our product was finally complete!  Check out these pictures which show our art process.