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2012 - Term 2 - Learning to Empower - DIversity

DIVERSITY - We are all the same but different and we are all connected because we are part of the Pomaria School Community.

Mr Dewe helped the learners of Room 13 create a diversity poster.  They found somethings are the same, for example - we all have eyes, ears, nose, hands, feet and we all wear a Pomaria School Uniform.  We are aslo different - we have different families, like different things, speak different languages and eat different food.

Did you know about 100 million years ago New Zealand, Australia, Antartica, Africa and South America were once all connected to each and the land was called Gondwana.  If we were once connected, wht do we not have any lions or elephants in New Zealand?

The learners enjoyed finding out about the diverse animals we have or had living not just in New Zealand but in the world.  Did you know that the Kiwi probably flew here from Australia?  The Kea is the only Alpine Parrot and it is a very clever bird.

Our VALUE was compassion.  In Room 13 we show compassion by letting other know that we care and that it is important that we take care of each other.