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2012 - Term 1 - Learning to Learn - Identity

IDENTITY - is about where you are from and who you are.  We are all different.

We started the year by sharing our identity with Miss Wallace from Brigham Young University, USA.  Miss Wallace taught Room 13 how to make chocolate chip cookies.  Room 13 taught Miss Wallace about ANZAC Day and how to make anzac cookies.  They were delicious.

Constable Nikki came to Pomaria School and taught us ways to 'Keep Ourselves Safe'.

Room 13 went on a bus to visit the Stardome.  We went on a Space Adventure and visited the different planets in the Solar System.

The VALUE for Term 1 was respect.  Room 13 show respect not just to teachers but also each other.  We respect Pomaria School by looking after it and keeping it looking beautiful.