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2012 -Term 3 - Inquiring to Learn - Challenge

We have faced many CHALLENGES this term.  How we overcome these CHALLENGES shapes the person we become.

The Learners of Room 13 have been teaching their Buddy Class, Room 10, how to weave and make a ‘Sit Upon’.  We started with 12 folded strips of newspaper and we wove the strips in and out.  We tucked in the ends to make it firm and secure.  Room 13 had so much fun being the teacher and showing Room 10 what to do.

The learners were very proud of the artwork they presented at the Art Exhibition.  They chose a subject that they liked and used the techniques employed to create Aboriginal Artwork.  Room 13 created their own Aboriginal Artwork with a Kiwi Twist.

ASB Getwise came to Pomaria School to teach the Learners about money.  Moneman taught Room 13 an important rhyme. 'SPEED TO YOUR NEEDS AND WAIT FOR YOUR WANTS '.

We investigated what plants need to survive.  They need dirt, air, water and sunlight.  Room 13 WONDERED what would happen if one of these things were removed.  

They discovered that:-

Plants can live and grow without dirt. 

They can survive for some time with out water. 

If you hide them form the light they will try and find sunlight. 

When we took away the air the plant started to go yellow and when we gave it back it went all limp.  We think it might die even if we give it water.

Room13 haS a garden outside their room and they are so proud of it.  They have planted silver beet, broccoli, tomatoes, capsicum and celery.  They put in some flowers too, orange marigolds, of course and some lavender too.  The Learners of Room 13 are very responsible and take great care of their garden.

We practiced this term for the Poetry Recital for the Year 1, 2 and 3 Learners.  Room 13 practiced and practiced and did not give up.  They did their best when they shared their poems with other Learners.

We have had a term of challenge and next term we have another exciting challenge as the portable pool comes back to Pomaria School. 


Room 13 are looking forward to next term were we will be celebrating 'Our Learning'.