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Young Leaders Day

On the 17th May 2008 the house captains went to the National Young Leaders Conference. It was held at the Telstra Clear Stadium in Manukau.

The first speaker was Nick Tuitasi. He started working as a policeman in 1982. He has been awarded the Queen Service Medal and a Living Legends Award. One of his most remembered motto’s are “If you want to impact the world. You have to share the world with others”.

The next two guest speakers were Temapara George and Sheryl Scanlan. They were saying things like, “Don’t let the negative things in life affect who you are”.Temapara George was the vice captain for the Silver Ferns and winner of Dancing with the stars 2008. Sheryl Scanlan is a netballer and sister of Eroni Clark who is a former All Black.

The next guest speaker was Mike Chunn. He has been in the music industry for 35 years. He also had good advice to give us, “there are two aspects of music , your head and your heart which is the machine that helps inspire you to write songs which helps to inspire others”.

The last speaker was Mark Inglis. He was the first paralympic man to climb Mount Everest. At 7:00am on 16th May 2006 he reached the summit of Mount Everest. His memorable words were, “Impossible is possible that has not been tried yet”.

Before the day ended we had a electrifying performance from Prestige.

All in all it was a great day for Pomaria’s young leaders. We would love to go again. Thank you for reading about our day at the National Young Leaders Conference.  

 Christopher - Room 19 and Thomas - Room 21