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2019 Pomaria Board of Trustees Elections


Board of Trustee – 

Parent Representative Elections for Pomaria Primary

 I am now in the process of finalising our roll for voting purposes.

 Have we got your correct postal address?

 In some cases we only have phone numbers and email addresses for secondary caregivers.  Please note that the elections cannot be done via email, therefore if you wish to be included in the process, then please contact me and I will add a postal address to your child’s file.

The last board meeting for the current sitting Board will be Tuesday the 14th of May at 6.00pm in the boardroom at Pomaria Primary. If you would like to attend and observe, please let me know.




Dates to Note:

 Nominations Open:                                Friday 10thof May 2109

 Nominations Close:                                Friday 24thof May 2019 at noon

 Voting Papers (if required) Posted:         From Monday 27thof May 2019

 Voting Closes: (if required)                     Friday 7thof June 2019



Yours faithfully

 Yvonne Jenne

Returning Officer 


Phone: 09 836 4919